Exercise and diet

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Are you looking for a fast way to reach something you’ve always wanted? Choose the personal training! It’s not only a luxury exclusive for celebrities. Personal training is also suitable for man and women of different age and of different needs who want to improve their health. It’s a way to reduce undesired fat, get muscles or get rid off all the negative energy after a hard day of work. For each workout I apply multiple techniques to help you reach your goal. A properly tailored workout is not only the best way to get in better shape, but more importantly it can improve your quality of life, energy level and believe it or not your mood!


Personal training and its advantages:

– All workouts are adjusted to your abilities and health, keeping you safe
– You are constantly motivated to work
– A trainer watches your needs, strengths and progress realizing the best workout plan for you
– Personal training is not monotonous
– A trainer helps you to develop the right eating habits and feel good about it


Types of Personal Training:

Bodybuilding workout – workout that focuses on systematic muscle growth. To move towards perfect musculature.

Shaping workout(women) – Shaping of your body tailored to your needs.

Outdoor personal workouts – you want to enjoy the beautiful nature outdoors while taking care of your body? Schedule an appointment with me and I will show you how to do it in a nice and enjoyable way.

Senior workout – Are you one of those people who think: “I’m too old to work out” You couldn’t be more wrong. Together we could make you feel 20 years younger.

Sportsmen workout – you do sports, but still you’re missing something to be the best? Make a use of my knowledge and improve your results.

Home workout – you don’t want to waste time on traveling to the gym or you just simply don’t like overcrowded fitness clubs? I can come to your place!



Many people ask me how many years it takes to get a six-pack. I always tell them the same thing: even the best workout, no matter how often you do it, won’t get you desired results unless it is supported with a proper diet. By diet I don’t mean all those “miracle diets” that often turn all your eating habits upside-down (which leads to giving up on the diet after a week or a few weeks of sacrifice), but rather the rules of optimal and rational nutrition.
I’ll tell you a secret you may already know. The most important thing is to eat multiple smaller size meals throughout the day without eating between them while carefully watching the carbohydrates you consume. Remember that you are what you eat!
I will teach you what to eat, how to eat it and when!